The Closet Chameleon Boutique - Our Story

On behalf of our family, we'd like to thank you for shopping with us! 

The Closet Chameleon Boutique is a labor of love for us.  We truly enjoy finding our styles and seeing our customers have fun and feel confident wearing designs from The Closet Chameleon Boutique! 

Our story began with the purchase of a rather unlikely family pet... a panther chameleon named Orlov.  We had always admired the striking colors that panther chameleons are capable of producing and we had the wild idea one day to purchase a beautiful blue panther chameleon youngster and bring him to our home as an unconventional family pet.  At first, our new resident was rather shy and he mostly hid behind leaves in his enclosure.  But, in time, he grew bolder and less afraid of prying human eyes.  He even turned rebellious and developed an attitude during his "teenage" years, haha (which mostly consisted of giving us dirty looks and puffing himself up like a tiny tough guy when we'd peer into his cage)!  In his adult years, Orlov proudly displayed a gorgeous shade of blue... and he developed a hilarious personality akin to a cranky uncle (you know he sort of likes you, but he's also a comically cantankerous grouch most of the time).  It's odd to say that we became "attached" to a small reptile, as terms like that are usually reserved for pets of the cuddly variety, like cats and dogs, but we most certainly did become attached to ol' Orlov, the beautiful blue panther chameleon and he was a cherished member of our family for the years he was with us.  We enjoyed Orlov so much that we bought several other chameleons to raise as well.  

Orlov lived a long healthy life and we'd be lying if we said there weren't a few tears shed when he passed.  But, he didn't leave us with only fond memories.  Ol' Orlov had a girlfriend and just before he passed, we hatched a group of tiny baby Orlovs... with the same beautiful blue colors as their father!  

We are now raising Orlov's grandchildren and the panther chameleons have become a much appreciated part of our lives.  We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to be able to enjoy their beauty and spunky little attitudes as a part of our family.  

We've been watching their colors change for years, and when the inspiration came to start a clothing boutique with styles and sizes that can transition easily from situation to situation, there was a clear winner when it came to naming our boutique: 

The Closet Chameleon Boutique...with our little Orlov in the logo:


The real Orlov, in all his blazing blueness:

And his kids:


From our family to yours, we appreciate all of our customers at the Closet Chameleon Boutique and we look forward to many more years of adaptable fashion for every occasion (and to many more years with our little colorful friends)!